I’m Sweet Sell Masayda.

Communication Arts Student from FEU-Manila.

I’m the girl who doesn’t want to stop learning things.

I want travel around the world someday.

I want to take photos of anything.

I want to read every book I could.

I want to write every story I have.

I want to do everything. 


Ambivert is having both the characteristics of being an extrovert and introvert. Extroverted Introvert, isn’t it confusing? How could an introvert person be an extroverted one at the same time? When a person is an introvert people expects him to be shy and reclusive but other people does not even think that we can also be sociable and out. That’s what makes me one of those who are known to be extroverted introvert. When I’m on I get out there and mingle with others. But, when I’m off I want to go home and immediately and spend time alone. There are days where I just found myself buried in my bed with a book and music turned up. These are the days when I don’t want to answer any texts and calls. And there are days where I’m so hype and want to go out there to mix and mingle with others. I find it easy to make new friends but maintaining relationships is not my strength. I always but find myself with new friends but sometimes I feel so exhausted and it’s the lack of energy that makes not in the in reaching them out. I usually live inside my own head. There are times that I just want to spend the day alone with myself and enjoy it but I hate being lonely, it always crashes my heart.




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