The Puzzle of Knowledge

The puzzle piece in my drawing symbolizes the facts and knowledge that was formed inside my mind. In class, you will learn something new everyday. You will learn critically such as social skills and speech. Just like a puzzle, you will complete or form a big picture one at a time. In the case of learning experience, while in class, my mind was being fed new information and that information serves as puzzle piece until you finally fully complete all the thoughts you have that would say that you already understand a certain topic.

When it comes to the best learning experience in class, it is knowing the importance of reading. Reading is essential in understanding how deep a certain theory is. You have to be book smart in studying theory in order for you to critically understand its different perspectives. Another is the importance of communication in a group. During the midterms, we were tasked to present the communication traditions by group. It helped me to work and think critically but not just for my own learning but also for the others. We’ve learned together and developed our social skills that benefit everyone. Lastly, is learning the most recent lesson we have tackled, the communication models. It taught me how to critically understand a certain situation such as the facebook page posts that we have analyzed.

The course did not just helped me to be book smart and learned how to theorize. It also gave me the view of communication as a field. Sooner or later, time will come that I already have to choose the career path I have to take when I graduated. As what I have learned and seen this semester theorizing would be a great help. It taught me that communication is not just as easy as 1,2,3, it is deep and a big field that you really have to invest a lot of thinking and reading to digest every fact, every detail, every information. I maybe choose to take the path of a media practitioner but these theories I have learned would be still applicable in any way. It will still contribute to every project I will work on.


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