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The three takeaways from our report are the following: First, Socio-Psychological Tradition tackles on how we interact with people with different kind and what are our ways of understanding and adjusting the different factors to communicate interactively. Next, the Speech Accommodation Theory. This theory addresses on two different people in a communication cope out and adapts each other to gain approval. Lastly, the Communication Accommodation Strategies wherein it gives 8 different classifications that are applicable in an interaction. The convergence wherein you tend to adjust your ways to match and connect with the others; Divergence wherein you emphasize the how would communication be different in an interaction between individuals with a different kind; Maintenance no adjustment were applied on how they communicate with each other; the Over Accommodation is when you already tend to copy the other side’s speech patterns; In-groups and Out-groups wherein groups in a communication attracts and individual and creates a specifications that exclude the others; Social Identity wherein we are defined as an individual depends on what group of people you belong; Self-Handicapping is when you avoid the interaction with others to avoid hurting your own self-esteem and; Social Norms wherein a group sets expectations from the behaviour of its members.

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One takeaway I have learned from the other groups could be the Semiotics Traditions applying the Social Constructions Theory. It makes us understand how would symbols be different in meaning based on how it was traditionally defined in different cultures and it was defined by creating a meaning based on how you would understand and use it.

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Another one takeaway is Cultural Industry Theory applied in Critical Tradition. It shows us the on how the industry works nowadays. I have learned that in media industry they just give what the audiences ask them to see. They make us realize how important is a consumer in producing products. The company always needs the say of the consumers to know what i the current needs and wants of the people.

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I have learned from this group activity the importance of an effective communication. Due to our good and consistent communication with each other during our preparations for our presentation we were push through with our plans. Everyone in the group cooperated well. The success of our presentation was because of the group effort we gave. I believe this ability of us to communicate well is going to be a big factor for us in our future plans. This will help us to be better in working with different types of people we will encounter as we pursue as career as media practitioners. Soon we will be working on the field we will push through and effective communication with the people inside and outside your workplace is going to be the key in order for you to succeed in every step you have to pass as time goes by.


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