THE JOURNEY (Reflection Paper)

The short video with those two orphans who don’t have any relatives to turn to was really moving. I was really moved on how the two boys portray their characters. I was touched by the way Fizi (the blind boy) helped and accompanied his friend, Ahmad (the verbally disabled boy) despite the fact they are not really capable of travelling alone. I feel frustrated when they are trying to get to their village and faced different struggles. But, the two boys never gave up. They showed courage and determination to do everything just to get to their destination. I’m just so glad by the way they took care each other. Despite of their disabilities, they both helped each other on their journey.

Just like the two boys in the story, I already lost my mother and my father is working away from home since I was a child. Their story brought me back during the times when I always want to go back to our hometown and visit my mother’s tomb. Just like them, I am longing for a mother’s love.  I remember when I keep on saving my allowance just to have enough money to pay my transportation going home. As I watch the video, it reminds me of the moments and dreams I build with her. I remember her laugh, her voice, and the way she took care of me. It also took me back when I lost her and how I cried everyday because I miss her. But, as what the two boys showed in the video I need to be strong no matter what. Life must go on.

I can see that the signifier is the photo of Ahmad with his mother when he was just a baby. It signified love and memories. Ahmad never had the chance to meet his mom but through that picture he could feel and visualize on his own how his mother loved him and took care of him when she still have the chance. Also, with a picture we could go reminisce an experience or events. We could remember how happy or sad that moment was.

Semiotics plays a big role in our lives. It is important for us to know what is meant of something. It could help us realize the real essence and used of a thing that is placed in everything. It would teach us how to critically understand for more effective and successful communication. There are times that we have to use different symbols and we must be knowledgeable on how to use properly and prevent misunderstanding.



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