I turned 20 five months ago, May 18 to be exact. It was three days left for me to live my teenage life when I had a spontaneous idea to stroll.  So I, together with my siblings went to National Museum.

Unfortunately, we lost our way going there and we walked from Luneta to the museum. It was summer and it was really hot. Although, the walk was not dull and boring actually it was really  fun. Heat is nothing when you’re with great company and of course, lots of water.


When we got there, we’re still lucky. The museum’s admission was free during that time because they are celebrating the National Heritage Month.  And because it was free we spent almost 30 minutes on a line of people outside the museum waiting for their turn to enter the museum out. Again, IT WAS SUMMER!!!

It was already our turn to stroll around the museum and first thing that came to our minds to see was the very famous Spoliarium by one of the well-known Filipino painter, Juan Luna.


The museum was filled of incomparable artworks and masterpieces. Each of them will probably make anyone say wow.

Below our some of the photos we’ve shot inside the museum:






I’ve always wanted to visit museums and historical places worldwide (hopefully). That is how I wanna live my life. Adventurous yet educational. I hope I could still do this even I’m very busy with school stuff.

So that is how I spent my last few days of my teenage life. How about you?


P.Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
Tel. No: (02) 527-0278
Website: nationalmuseum.gov.ph
Email: education@nationalmuseum.gov.ph


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