AGAINST THE CURRENT: In Our Bones Tour in Manila

I don’t wanna make this post long, just want to share to everyone my “ATC EXPERIENCE” and how I was able to watch the concert for FREE! YES, FREE!

I am really a fan of Against The Current for like almost 3 years already. I swore that I would watch them live for two years straight already but I never got the chance to go to their past shows in Manila. Either I was broke or I had more important commitment to go to. Then recently, I heard they are going back to Manila (for the third freakin’ time) and I was like, “OMG! I really have to go. This time I’ll surely be there” But then, as I checked out for the ticket price I realized that I cannot provide such amount of money.  Until, I found out that there’s a ticket giveaway happening in When In Manila. And because I’m very much eager to see them perform live I’ve sent an entry on the said contest. I waited for the announcement of winners but then, I wasn’t able to get one of the tickets.

Two days after the announcement of winners, it was already the day  for the ATC tour in Manila. As I woke up I checked my social media accounts. As I scroll on my twitter, a tweet caught my attention. It was from Courtney Sayson,Senior Graphic Designer of WIM and  it goes like this…

S0 in my mind, I was thinking that they might  have another ticket giveaway. And I wasn’t wrong because after few minutes of waiting, Alvin Cheng one of the contributors of WIM tweeted this…

And once again, I feel stoked! I was electrified! And at that time I feel so positive that I will make it this time. As expected, I resent my entry answering the question, “Why you want to win?”. This time I am much more desperate that makes me want to flood them with my entry so I DID!

I’ve waited until 10:30 am for the announcement of winners but it was delayed. As the clock moves, my heartbeat increased. The moment has arrived. They finally announced the first winner and it wasn’t me (sad). I’ve waited for few minutes for the announcement of the second winner. I was scrolling on my twitter timeline when a notification popped up saying “@chengalvin mentioned you on a tweet.”. My heart pounds so fast and so strong that I can even hear it from within. At first, I hesitated but after a minute or few I opened the tweet and…


YES! I MADE IT! I seriously don’t know how to react because I was literally on tears at that time. I mean, FINALLY! I am going to see them freakin’ LIVE!!! OMG! I am going to see Chrissy, Dan, and Will!!! IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!

So yeah, after being so emotional for like twenty minutes and I already absorbed everything I immediately got up from hay and prepared myself because I have a concert to attend. Yay!

I went to SM North Edsa earlier than the time given to us ( who cares? I’m stoked). I straightly went to Cello’s Doughnut to meet Ms. Courtney  for my ticket.

VIP ticket courtesy of When In Manila

Let’s skip the dull part of being in the line for hours before getting in to the venue.

We’ve finally got in!!!

The local band, Gracenote was the front act of the night. They played several songs of their own like I Will Wait and Pwede Ako. They also hyped the crowd with their covers of When I Dream About You and Don’t Let Me Down.

After Gracenote’s performance was the most awaited part, the main act of the night, AGAINST THE CURRENT.

During the introduction part they played songs from their first ever studio album, In Our Bones. They started with Runaway, followed by Forget Me Now and then Talk. The people were getting wilder. Even Chrissy claimed that, “Philippines is the loudest”.

The night was getting hotter as they play their non-album single, Outsiders and the single from their Gravity album, Paralyzed.

I can’t control myself anymore, I feel like I was invincible as they continue to rock the crowd with their In Our Bones tracks Young & Relentless, Chasing Ghosts, and Roses.

During the acoustic part, ATC played their acoustic version of Infinity and In Our Bones. The band played not only their original songs but they also did a bang-up acoustic cover of Justin Bieber’s Cold Water mashed up with Love Yourself. Chrissy and Will also brought up some jokes regarding the Biebs.

They also played Wild Things, Wasteland, Another You and of course my favorite, Brighter. During the Brighter part, the crowd lighted up their phones and waved it in the air while singing with Chrissy. That moment was really stunning and surprising.


Video by Marcquee from Youtube

Sadly, I was not able to get clips on the latter part of the show due to some reason that both my power bank and iPhone was already drained.

For the farewell part, they played Dreaming and Gravity. Everyone were obviously having so much fun. People were jumping (you can even feel the ground shaking), screaming ( I actually screamed “I LOVE YOU, DAN”), and there are some who were very emotional because at last they saw them live. Can you imagine what would you feel staying in one room with idols, breathing the same air. Inside the dome, you will see different people having so much together for their love for Against The Current.

As for Against The Current, just like their previous visits in the Philippines they always make sure that their fans will surely enjoy every second of the night and give us the show that we deserve. And they did it again, for the third time.

The night was done and the sun will rise once again but as the new day comes, we are bringing another memory, another moment, a one of kind night, a once in a lifetime moment with them. THANK YOU AGAINST THE CURRENT FOR THE GREAT NIGHT. WE ARE ALL HOPING TO SEE YOU AGAIN SOON.




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