I said then, “we will walk into the darkness together”
. You answered yes without sounding voice to be heard 
And conformity was not seen on your face.
I was so scared.
 Not because of the darkness around us, but because I noticed that I was just walking by myself. 
I stopped to look back at you and to know where you are. 
It was so clear in my eyes that your feet are back to where we started.

You deceived me.

After all the promises we sworn together, you will just turn back and put it all away.

Try to remember the one you promised,
that you will not leave until the end.


You promised.
I realized that there is no need of hammer or mallet to rivet a promise.
 All you have to do is to leave.
 That was so easy for you.

No force needs to emphasized.

No torture.

No need to sweat out.

No blood to leak.

Only turning back to the darkness we walk through. 
Yes, i’m very much hurt.
But, did you know that it also caused me pain in my stomach?
 Tears are racing while laughter steadily increased.
 You made me laugh at you when you showed me how coward you are.
 You made me laugh when you know that you have to walk forward with me but you chose to walk back. 
I don’t know what should I call you,
Coward or Incompetent?
 You let me walk alone. 
I was such a fool, trying to walk without my half.
 Trying to walk without you.
 At the same time, i’m walking trying to forget your cowardice;
Trying to forget the promises and commitments left.


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