Im looking up to the sky
Seeking the joy of the clouds
Journey I have is not as fluffy as their lives.
As it holds the biggest hope trying to survive.
Staring at the sky makes me want to cry.
Wide view of life is about to go.
The bluer it is, the more vivid I see.
The thickness disappears as the raindrop starts to fall.
Every drop of it comes a million pain.
Noticing the rain is becoming a tear falling.
What I had Then holds me back
For one thing I never wanted to have.
Never wanted to feel this kind of pain.
One thing is moving away from me.
The thing I wished the last time i looked up to the sky.
It was the happiness, happiness I always seek from above.
Wondering if I could just be clouds.
Just moving to the sky and waiting to be heavy and fall.
Falling without pain as it goes up again.
And will move without pieces broken.

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